Size Guide

Size PalmForearm
X-Small 6″-7"7.5" - 8"
(cm)15.2 - 17.8
19 - 20.3
Small 7″ - 8″ 8.5" - 9"
(cm)17.7 -20.3
21.6 -22.9
Medium 8″ - 9″
9.5" - 10"
(cm)20.3 -22.924.1 - 25.4
Large 9″ - 10″ 10.5" - 11"
(cm)22.9 -25426.7 - 27.94
Medium Hand
Large Cuff
8″ - 9″10.5" - 11"
(cm)20.3 -22.926.7 - 27.94

Through demand Stormchase have developed another size to their wrist and hand warmers. This size is for people who have a medium palm but a well developed, larger forearm.


The warmers should be a snug but comfortable fit the first time they are tried on.

To ensure you purchase the perfect fit, please follow these simple steps:-

  • Measure your dominant hand just below the knuckle around the palm of the hand. (your left if you are left handed and your right if you are right handed)

Then please measure your forearm (at the widest point) before selecting the size you require.

“Delighted with the fit of my warmers. The measurements came up exactly as described”

Stephen Williams, Cyclist

“My warmers fit perfectly; thank you for the precise measurements you offer on your sizing chart; most helpful”

Verity Chivers, Riding Enthusiast

“Thank you, the wrist warmers arrived in time for Christmas and my wife loves them. They have helped with her tendonitis due to the comfort and support they provide”

Richard McCracken

“I just wanted to say thank you. The warmers are a great product as is your customer service. The speed with which they arrived was outstanding.

I suffer from poor circulation so these are proving hugely useful when gardening.

Thank you once again for such a great service”

Kate Young