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Stormchase wrist and hand warmers are the ultimate extra layer to keep you warm in the harshest of weather conditions. Using the latest technology and materials Stormchase outerwear products are designed specifically for outdoor sports and pursuits where loss of movement in the hands and fingers is not an option.


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Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Easter Competition

First prize goes to Vicky W

Second prize goes to Harry M

Third prize goes to Alison C


William Buick, world class jockey

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers have excellent grip and I was impressed how comfortable and warm they are. I highly recommend these as part of anyones outdoor wear.

Sienna Gregory, rider

Bought a pair for my granddaughter at Christmas. She loves them, she has tiny fingers so gloves don’t fit.

Ryan Moore, World class jockey

I rode out in the Stormchase wrist and hand warmers in the winter months last year and as they worked so well I used them to race-ride in too! I highly recommend and think they’ll catch on with other jockeys.

Claire Stimpson, Raynauds sufferer

I wear my wrist and hand warmers loads when the weather turns cold. I suffer from Reynauds and these help so so much.

Adam Parkinson, Farmer

The weather has been horrendous (7th December 2018) here this morning, the wrist and hand warmers are brilliant, I am definitely buying more.

Alex Kingdom, snowboarder

I have just come back from a great week snowboarding made even better by my Stormchase wrist and hand warmers!Friends were complaining about snow going down their sleeves but no such problem of rme. Kept my wrists and arms toasty warm whilst very breathable on my hands. 5* product.

Sarah Hawkins, dressage rider and trainer

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers are one of those products you don’t really know you need until you have used them.They fit fabulously and the warmth form them is incredibly noticeable. Without doubt they have definitely helped keep my poor arthritic hands more mobile.