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Wrist and Hand Warmer (Standard Size)

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Stormchases outerwear wrist warmer has been specifically designed to be used for practically any sport or activity where comfort, warmth, support and grip are essential.

From Equestrian, Golf, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Watersports right through to Archery, Quad Biking, Gardening and Dog Walking, Stormchase wrist warmers will ensure maximum comfort at all times.

The outerwear wrist warmer is comfortable, non restrictive and suitable for all day wear. The open fingers offer versatility to touch and feel.

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers lend themselves perfectly to having a pair of gloves worn over them. There will be no bulk in the palm of the hand, due to the supplex/lycra fabric we use. You won’t know you are wearing them apart from being warm!

Sizing – Please see our size guide.

We try and make the wrist and hand warmers sizes to fit most people. There are however some of us who do have very slim forearms. This can mean when worn directly on the skin, they may sometimes feel a little loose. In this case we suggest you wear a base layer or top underneath, which will take up any slack. You will still get the full benefit from their insulating properties.

Available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large. Pink available in X-Small, Small and Medium only.
Available in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy, Green and Pink

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Size Guide

Adult wrist and hand warmer size guide

Size PalmForearm
X-Small 6″-7"7.5" - 8"
(cm)15.2 - 17.8
19 - 20.3
Small 7″ - 8″ 8.5" - 9"
(cm)17.7 -20.3
21.6 -22.9
Medium 8″ - 9″
9.5" - 10"
(cm)20.3 -22.924.1 - 25.4
Large 9″ - 10″ 10.5" - 11"
(cm)22.9 -25426.7 - 27.94
Medium Hand
Large Cuff
8″ - 9″10.5" - 11"
(cm)20.3 -22.926.7 - 27.94

When you follow the size guide and where to measure, you will see the chart giving you two measurements for each area of your palm and forearm.
If you measure in-between those given measurements the warmers will fit, you. If you are measuring maximum on the palm and forearm we suggest you should go up to the next size. You need it to be snug with no restriction.
We also have a medium/large size which is a medium sized hand with a large forearm which is great for those who have a well-developed forearm due to your lifestyle. We try to cater for everyone’s needs!


The warmers should be a snug but comfortable fit the first time they are tried on.

To ensure you purchase the perfect fit, please follow these simple steps:-

Measure your dominant hand just below the knuckle around the palm of the hand. (your left if you are left handed and your right if you are right handed)

Then please measure your forearm (at the widest point) before selecting the size you require.