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Stormchase are suppliers of the Ultimate Wrist and Hand Warmers, Riding Gloves & Head and Neck Warmers

Head and Neck Warmer

Head and neck warmer that doubles as a snood or buff

head and neck warmer

The Stormchase head and neck warmer doubles as the ultimate snood or buff for the active person who leads an outdoor lifestyle.

Made from a durable and flexible fabric, they are thin enough to be worn by cyclists and horse riders under their helmets, but warm enough to be worn in the same way as snoods or buffs during the cold winter months.

Stormchase head and neck warmers are:

  • thermal
  • breathable, so no sweat
  • durable
  • flexible fabric
  • lightweight

The head and neck warmers are available in seven different colours:

  • Black
  • Forest Green
  • Navy
  • Navy and Pink
  • Pink
  • Pink and Purple
  • Royal Blue

snood or buff

A choice of stylish colours gives you the flexibility to mix and match your sportswear, whether out on the bike, rambling across the moors or off for an early morning hack.


Head and Neck Warmers (otherwise known as a snood or buff)

  • Head and Neck Warmer

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